She had that brief fling last year with Miley Cyrus’ ex, Liam Hemsworth.

Most Latinos recognize Eiza Gonzalez as a novela reina — Nikki in Amores Verdaderos or Lola from Lola…Érase Una Vez. But the Mexican singer, model, and actress is leaving her telenovela career behind, at least for now. She’s currently focusing on her first English-language role as Santanico Pandemonium on Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Gonzalez chats with Cosmopolitan For Latinas about her crossover, gaining weight for the role, and how she dealt with all the gossip and criticism following her short-lived hookup with Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

You have to play the same role the amazing Salma Hayek did in the original movie, From Dusk Till Dawn. Were you nervous?
It was very overwhelming but amazing at the same time. We always say in all the interviews that we didn’t think about the original actors until we started getting interviewed and people start asking. It’s like, if every Batman had to watch the original Batman — it makes no sense. It’s just a new version of it; it’s not that someone’s better or worse. Everyone’s adding their own little thing to it. But it’s awesome to play iconic characters.

This is your first American role. What was the transition like?
Robert helped me so much to make me feel very comfortable, because obviously, English is my second language. It was hard to be on the same level as everyone. Learning all the monologues, learning all the lines, saying them correctly — it’s a completely new technique. In Mexico, it’s completely different. But I had so much going on in my head at that moment that I had no chance to be comparing myself.

I hear you had to gain weight for the scene. 
There were two things I had to go through: I had to dye my hair because I was a blonde, and I had to gain a lot of weight, especially coming out of a project where I was super skinny. I did a soap opera [Amores Verdaderos] where I was playing a girl with bulimia, and I lost so much weight for that character. So now it’s really awesome for me to go and do a job where I had to gain weight. So, it’s In–N-Out everyday: Milkshakes, desserts — I’m loving it. And the cool thing is that Robert likes to really embrace the real woman’s curves. So when I talked about gaining weight, I was like “Okay, so you want me to go to the gym and gain muscle,” and he’s like, “No I want you to look timeless, like no one can tell what moment in life you’re going through. I don’t want you to look like a 2014 woman who’s super ripped. I need real curves.” So I can’t say it was terrible.

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Stop everything and take a look at one of the sexiest women on earth. Shakira reminds us all (not that we need a reminder) just how perfect she is in these amazing promotional photos for her new album, Shakira, available March 25.  Go to for more photos. (Photo via RCA records).


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Yes, we’re all one-dimensional sexpots from the hood with lots of cleavage — WRONG.

1. We all have accents. 
We always sound like Gloria on Modern Family. We can’t pronounce anything properly in English to save our lives. All our V’s sound like B’s and Y’s sound like U’s. “Very” always sounds like “berry” and “you” is always “ju.” 

2. We love to dance.
Especially salsa, because for some reason the world thinks this is the only genre of Latin music. We’re also always incredibly good at every other type of dancing (I’m living proof that this is FALSE).

3. We are all maids.
And our fathers are always construction workers or janitors.

4. Our men are crappy, but who cares, because they’re the best lovers.
Casa Blanca, Latin Lovers — the list goes on.

5. We always eat tacos or rice and beans. And we love tequila.
And don’t forget that sombreros and ponchos are part of our everyday wardrobe.

6. We love to show cleavage.
Every Latina in television, movies, or ads is super-sexy — huge boobs, a voluptuous figure, always wearing a low-cut, skin-tight dress.

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Is Facebook More Important Than Sex?

Apparently for some people it is. Turns out that updating your status and looking at pics of your old high school friends is one of the hardest habits to kick, so hard, more people would rather log onto the social network than have sex.

A University of Chicago study polled 205 people and asked them to take note every 30 minutes of their desires. The point was to see which common desires are the most difficult to resist. Number one on the list was eating, followed by sleeping, and the third—drinking something non-alcoholic. What was the fourth? Using some type of media, more commonly watching TV or surfing the Internet. Of the surfing the Internet category, over 70 percent of participants had the urge to check their email and 65 percent wanted to check their Facebook.

Oh yeah, and the desire to have sex was ninth on the list.

What can I say about this? Guilty. I would probably be the person to check my Instagram or write up a quick Tweet before I’m ready to get it on. I’m a social media addict, but now I don’t feel so bad because most of us are!

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