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6 interesting facts about the female brain

That's not quite how the female brain works.

So hopefully you read “5 interesting facts about the male brain” already, and if you didn’t you should! Here is the female version. And we are so much more interesting that I had to include one more fact here. I bet you didn’t know women are half as likely to be gay as men and that fidelity in women can be attributed to the makeup of our partner’s genes. Did you know…

1. The female brain is nature’s default setting.

Yup. From conception until about eight weeks of pregnancy, all fetuses have the circuitry pathways of the female brain. It is not until after eight weeks that a boost of testosterone makes this brain male. It kills off some of the cells in the communication areas of the brain and grows the parts dedicated to sex and aggression. Yup—that’s when it becomes a boy.

2. We can’t have an orgasm if we’re feeling scared.

We just can’t, unless our amygdala, the part that controls fear and anxiety, is completely off. We have to be into it, not afraid and calm.

3. We read facial expressions and emotions better.

It is argued that this is why we cry four times more than men. Men cannot read emotions—unless they see tears or actual physical signs that someone is hurting emotionally.

4. The neurochemical make-up of men dictates if the relationship will work.

Men with a longer variation of a gene that codes for a specific kind of vasopressin receptor in the brain are more likely to be reliable and trustworthy. So size does matter. We have to look for guys with long GENES :-).

5. Females are half as likely to be gay than men. 

Our brain is only half as likely to show signs of same-sex attraction, even though most people think otherwise. Only an estimated five to 10 percent of females have same-sex attraction in their lifetime.

6. Women are just as likely to cheat.

Here we go again with these genes. There’s this notion that men are more likely to cheat. Not true. Women are always subconsciously looking for a man with the best genes to father their children, and we are attracted to guys with more symmetrical features, because they are a sign of good genes. And once we are with a man already, studies show the urge to go out and find better genes is always there.

And don’t forget to read “5 interesting facts about the male brain” !

(Facts pulled from book by Louann Brizendine M.D. titled “The Female Brain.”)

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